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The team of Essene therapists is happy to welcome you to the Olive Tree Garden and offer you their treatments on-site, in two specially designed shady constructions under the olive trees, at an area that particularly favors silence and relaxation.

Essene Therapies
Essene therapies massage Greece
Essene Therapies Session
Essene therapies massage Greece

Essene Treatments

Maternal nourishing treatment 60΄
A holistic treatment for the whole body with the intention of a motherly touch, aims to awaken feelings of security and profoundly reconnect the being with the body.

After a cleansing of the subtle body, lukewarm herbal olive oil is offered to the whole body; a truly profoundly received abdominal massage is given; the ritual is completed with special head pressures.

It is a ritual received at a minimum as the massage that the body has been longing for, or at a maximum, as a deeply grounding and subtle affectionate therapy.

My feet, my consciousness 40΄
Through goodness and kindness, the feet accept this offering quietly and simply. Feet and legs are cleansed with herbal sea salt, washed and massaged. A new step comes upon the earth to recognize that our feet carry our history and want to advance with us consciously.

Unload the mental burdens 30΄
Our head truly needs a pause in order to unload the unnecessary burdens of the mind. The deep head massage with special pressures and the aromatic hair mask can bring a fresh breeze of clarity.

Touch the feet, touch the head 40’
A handmade balsam is placed on the 7 body energy centers, then the feet and head receive a pressures technique massage. Finally a special aromatic oil is offered to the head to melt away the foggy thoughts and bring renewal to the whole body.

Botanical salt cleansing 30’
Salt by itself is magical. Through the prayer of nature and the synergy of the elements on the Olive Tree Garden, this treatment is more than a herbal sea salt scrub; it is a truly refreshing experience.

**The above treatments are offered during celebrations and summer retreats.

Once you register for a celebration or a seminar, our therapists will inform you of the treatments available, will clarify any questions and will help you decide the ones that are suitable to your individual needs.

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Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

-Ekaterina, Greece

 “When you look at the olive tree, every thing takes its place and every one theirs. You lie gently on the earth, abandoning all your weight and all that has wrapped your body in a tangled cord, and Grandma Olive just looks at you with that smile of hers full of wisdom. In that smile, everything valuable finds the path of love.”

-Romane, France

“I did 3 anointings on the same body zone, and it allowed me to go a little further each time. The 3rd time there were liberations from the body and a real weight was released. The holistic massage was truly a moment of relaxation which allows you to reconnect with your body, to bring softness to our -so mistreated- body. The therapist was very gentle and carried a presence that was very respectful and gentle.”