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by Guilhem Cayzac

Come live the Essene therapeutic experience in total immersion at the Olive Garden in Greece, an exceptional place dedicated to healing.
Regard Essénien - Guilhem Cayzac
Join Guilhem and his team in Greece for an Initiatory experience in the heart of the Peloponnese. The teachings of Regard Essénien offer you concrete orientations in order to traverse your questions, inviting you to discover your own truth while taking a new look at the mysteries and masters of wisdom of our Western civilization.

​Break the chains of formatting and embrace the best of yourself to offer the world your unique path, by becoming the author of your life and finding coherence with your aspirations and your essence.


This retreat will be led by Guilhem Cayzac and his teachers-therapists team.
– Theoretical and practical teachings
– Rituals, treatments and therapeutic workshops in nature
– Massage treatments and anointings of liberation
– Animist circle
– Essene meditations, songs, dances and movements
– And many other surprises…

About Guilhem Cayzac

Guilhem has been Essene for more than 30 years, living and embodying this state of consciousness as an art of living: he observes and studies the major processes and mechanisms of living worlds, through the observation of oneself and nature, and the study of sacred texts. Guilhem has been an Essene priest for 20 years and is one of the founders of the Essene rebirth of our time.

His career as a naturopath made him aware of daily problems of his patients, giving him a particular sensitivity to diverse human experiences. Guilhem continues his work as a therapist today through his words. His sharings, filled from his personal experience and meditations, are in essence therapeutic and can heal something inside those who listen to him.

Through his career as an author and speaker specializing in Sacred Medicine, Guilhem has developed a unique ability to reposition questions in a way that brings out the broader context, the depth that connects all beings to this question, offering the possibility to the researcher to find the answer within himself.

Today, he shares his views on the millenary tradition, in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible and to awaken in them a new way of being in the world. Historian of the human world of yesterday and today, the ancestral view he takes on modern society is unique, piercing and true. ​

Practical information

• 01 – 13 July : SACRED MEDICINE – Live and practice the SACRED MEDICINE
• 15 – 20 July : BALANCE – Strength and Healing by the 4 elements
• 22 – 27 July : BALANCE – Strength and Healing by the 4 elements
• 29 July – 3 August : BALANCE -Strength and Healing by the 4 elements
• 5 – 10 August : BALANCE – Strength and Healing by the 4 elements
• 12 – 31 August : TRANSFORMATION – Therapeutic session of 21 days

Location: Olive Tree Garden, Petalidi, Greece
Teachers: Guilhem Cayzac and his team of teachers/therapists
Language*: French
Infos & Registration: www.guilhem-cayzac.com
Registrations will begin in December 2023


*At the moment, our center is not equipped to offer simultaneous translations in English; we are putting all our efforts towards this goal.


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