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The autumnal equinox

Archange Michael
The Round of Archangels carries the force of the tradition of Light, adapted to today's reality. It offers living teachings, placing man in his role as servant at the heart of the great harmony of the worlds, through the celebration of the 4 seasons and the 4 elements.

At the moment of the equinox, day and night have exactly the same length. In nature, all plants have prepared their seeds. Some are already inside the earth, others are finishing and fine-tuning their upcoming journey. Everything in the plant world withers, rots, falls to the ground. The subtle is separated from the dense. What is mortal returns to the earth, and only what is useful will survive the winter.

During this period we can feel a nostalgia, a deep sadness. It is during this period that the celebration of Archangel Michael and his element, FIRE, is celebrated.

For 7 days, through songs, dances, meditations, prayers, meditative movements, ceremonies, together we create a field of life to vivify the essence and the virtues of FIRE:

  • sacredness
  • truth
  • discernment
  • enthusiasm
  • love
  • respect
  • mastery
  • peace
  • work…

During the first 3 mornings of the week, our activities aim at our preparation for entering the body of fire. It is also the period when you can receive the blessing of the Good Turning of the Heart. From Wednesday onwards, our celebrating activities take place also in the afternoon, until early evening.

For more information on celebrating the Round of Archangels with us at the Olive Tree Garden, contact Erifyli at (+30) 6945 372 884 (greek, english, french) or write at contact@olive-tree-garden.com


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