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Round of Archangels

In the Essene Tradition,

the heart of practice of the Essenes is turned towards the celebration of the cycle of the year: during the solstices and the equinoxes, the Essenes all over the world gather to honor and celebrate the seasons (autumn-winter-spring-summer), their elements (fire-water-air-earth) and their corresponding divine laws (Archangels Michael-Gabriel-Raphael-Ouriel). Each period is like a door in which the intelligence of the Archangel is vivified. It is at this moment that he can approach the earth and touch humanity with his teaching, with his vibration.

The Essenes call this cycle of celebrations “Round of the Archangels”. Like the sun above the earth, the Round of the Archangels is a superior, loving intelligence above man which permanently gives birth to the life of the Light, and the Essenes honor it within themselves and in the hearts of all beings by maintaining a vibrating circle of virtues all year round.

The Round of the Archangels is truly a global life project for humanity and all beings on earth. It is the heir of all the millenary wisdom of the tradition of Light and has been celebrated by the contemporary Essenes for almost 20 years, in multiple countries over the 5 continents, including Greece.

All persons are invited to join the celebrations of the Round of the Archangels, with several possibilities: from home, through the Universal Round of Archangels or in person, in Essene villages (France, Quebec, Panama), in the Olive Tree Garden in Greece or in Circles of Study throughout the world.

For more information on celebrating the Round of Archangels with us at the Olive Tree Garden,
contact Erifyli at (+30) 6945 372 884 (greek, english, french) or write to contact@olive-tree-garden.com

Upcoming Round of Archangels in Greece

“The Round of Archangels is an opportunity to move towards your inner source, towards what is divine and greatest in you.”

Gabriel 79-13


If you can’t join the Celebrations at the Olive Tree Garden, you are welcome to join the Universal Round of Archangels Online

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“May the splendor of the Round of the Archangels be known to you, may it reveal itself to your intelligence and open the doors to the path of liberation and accomplishment.”

Michaël 230-17

Past Round of Archangels in Greece