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Circle of Study

All year round,
in the heart of the Olive Tree Garden

operates a school dedicated to the education of anyone who wishes to commune with life under the perspective of the millenary tradition of Light.

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An Essene circle of study

is a wonderful tool for attracting, condensing and radiating intelligences, forces, beneficial energies. Through its activities, you are permanently connected to a living organism which breathes and envelops you in its protective aura, capable of transmitting you a surplus of energy, a nourishment which awakens you, heals you, transforms you. It is the place of awakening, education, training, learning and action which give birth to life and allow its permanent renewal; it is an essential work that gives meaning to life.
activities celebrations night

At least twice a week,

all year long, the members of the Circle of Study get together and practice various arts of the Essene Tradition : guided meditations, dance, singing, initiations, recitation of teachings, prayer, meditative body movements, conferences, rituals in nature… Our goal is to connect with the natural wisdom and intelligence of life, to re-establish forgotten values that bring relief and dignity, discernment and mastery of one’s being, as well as self-fulfillment for the good of the whole.

“Prayer, meditation, awakening exercise, spiritual work must be delicious like something good you eat. Make sure that pleasure is present and even becomes the driving force of your elevation and ennoblement. This is a fundamental key.”

– Olivier Manitara

Interested in participating in our Circle of Study?

Contact Leo at (+33) 6 60 24 25 54 (french), Erifyli at (+30) 6945 372 884 (greek, english) or write at massala@olive-tree-garden.com

General Program of Activities

Wednesdays 9.00 – 12.00
Body movements, singing, dancing, recitation

Sundays 9.00 – 12.00
Collective meditation, recitation, prayer, conference, singing

One Saturday per month 14.00 – 17.00
Collective ritual outdoors or indoors

During the holidays of Christmas, New Year and Easter we organize special gatherings!