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The Olive Tree Garden offers a variety of activities, from Circle of Study to Celebrations and Healing Retreats.
You are welcome to join us in a field of rest, rejuvenation, healing, peace, tranquility and clarity.

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Circle of Study

All year round, in the heart of the Olive Tree Garden operates a school -one of many around the world- dedicated to the education of anyone who wishes to commune with life under the perspective of the millenary tradition of Light. An essene Circle of Study is a wonderful tool for attracting, condensing and radiating intelligences, forces and beneficial energies.

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Healing Retreats

During the summer, the Olive Tree Garden opens its door for healing retreats offered by various Essene teachers. These retreats of one, two or three weeks give you an opportunity to have a break from your daily life and to enter the millennial wisdom of the Essene Tradition in an atmosphere of serenity, mystery and simplicity. Teachings, workshops, movements and singing are always part of our retreats.

Round of Archangels

Round of Archangels

In the Essene Tradition, the heart of the practice of the Essenes is turned towards the celebration of the cycle of the year: during the solstices and the equinoxes, the Essenes all over the world gather to honor and celebrate the seasons, their elements and their corresponding divine laws. For 20 years now, these gatherings generate massive waves of blessing, protection and consolation to all living worlds.